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"The Little Known Secrets That can help you Think your way into a Healthier Lifestyle From a " Brain Stroke Survivor's Point of view" and How She was able to Think Herself Well!! Thats Right Think yourself Well !!!


Read Healthy Inspirational Living's Series 2 eBook : Anger/ Stress for only $2.99. This is what anger/ stress can do to the human body along with a snippet of my story.

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Here are just a few eye openers you will discover in this book that might save you or a loved one's life. You may learn from my mistakes and live a healthy prosperous life. You will also learn what actually happens to the body as it goes through stressful periods at a time, in laymans terms.

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Veronica uses her personal experiences to help you see the poem that your mind has over keeping you at peace. The power of suggestion in our minds can either heal us or hurt us.
Katherine WaddellCEO & Founder at TNTBS, INC

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